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Ken Folletts ABC der Hoffnung | Ken Folletts ABC of Hope


Is ‘Hope’: A for ‘Adventure’, C for ‘Community’ or T for ‘Trust’? Together with world bestselling author Ken Follett we play the ABC of Hope! Also: We announce the winners of our Climate Slam.

We have hope and we have a lot of it! A whole dictionary full! With the ‘ABC of Hope’ we give Ken letters from the alphabet at random, he chooses a word that begins with that chosen letter and explains how it relates to hope. We also talk about what we can learn from the past and what hopes readers can draw from his historical novels.


Ken Follet
Ken Follet

Ken is one of the world’s most successful authors. Over 170 million copies of the 36 books he has written have been sold in over 80 countries. He has been active in numerous literacy charities and was president of Dyslexia Action for ten years.

Speak up! for Climate: Congratulating the winner

The jury and you the public have decided: The winner of ‘Speak up! for Climate’, the big Signals of Hope poetry slam on the topic of climate, goes to TABEA FARNBACHER.

Congratulations and thanks again to all 5 slammers. Thanks for your inspiring contributions!