verschwommenes Mikrophone hinter einer rot blau gemusterten Fläche | blurred microphone behind a red and blue pattern


Presenter Donnie O'Sullivan turns dystopian serial narratives into hopeful stories. Today: ‘Game of Thrones’.

In the struggle for personal wealth, power and status, the actual threat to the entire world is forgotten: “Winter is coming”. Today we will take a closer look at the series ‘Game of Thrones’ and discuss options for hopeful signals surrounding "A Song of Ice and Fire" and the global climate crisis. Don’t believe it can be done? Take a listen!

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Donnie O’Sullivan
Donnie O’Sullivan

In the media industry for over 15 years Donnie is a scriptwriter for commercials, creative director and editor for MTV, Florida TV and Rocket Beans TV. In the podcast "Guesteliste Geisterbahn" he tells stories from his life.

Judith Vogt
Judith Vogt

Alone or with co-author and husband Christian, Judith writes fantasy and science fiction novels, such as Germany's first ‘hopepunk’ novel "Wasteland". She podcasts, translates, edits, writes role-plays - and has received several awards.

James Sullivan
James Sullivan

James was born in West Point (Highlands, New York) and grew up in Germany. He studied English, German and general linguistics. James writes fantasy novels ("The Elves") and science fiction ("The City of Symbionts").

The Umweltbank as a Partner

The Umweltbank is a generous sponsor of our Hopepunk podcast as part of ‘Signals of Hope’ and the FBM20. We asked the Umweltbank, four questions about hope:

‘Hope’ & ‘Future’ form an inseparable word pair. What about the word pair ‘Banking’ & ‘Future?’

In our eyes, banking & future go hand in hand. Through investments and financing, banks have an enormous influence on the purposes for which their clients' money is used - and thus banks actively shape the future. In the best case, banks support projects and companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

What concrete opportunities does the Umweltbank offer to shape a hopeful future?

We only finance sustainable projects that make a concrete contribution to the sustainability goals of the United Nations. This could be a wooden house, a kindergarten or a solar park. By financing these future-oriented projects, we are actively committed to future topics such as the expansion of renewable energies and ecological and affordable housing.

This podcast is called Hopepunk Podcast. When you describe your bank what aspect would you consider ‘Punk’?

The fact that we have been combining sustainability with economic success for over 20 years is pretty ‘Punk’. At the beginning we were often looked down on by larger banks, but nowadays all banks have to deal more and more with sustainability... now those banks that looked down on us are looking up to us.

Now we want to send your personal Signal of Hope to the world. Please complete this sentence: Hope is ...

... the seed of sustainability